Summer Internship

2017 Research Projects

Project Pre-Requisites
Satellite content delivery network (SCDN)
OS: Linux Software: C/C++
Augmented Reality Application for Use With JUNO VN
OS: Linux, Windows Software: Unity, C/C++
Remote multi-robot extension to ORBIT
OS: Linux Software: C/C++, Java
Quitting-smoking Wearables: use a wearable to detect smoking gestures and create warning OS: Android Software: Java
Spectrum Classification: develop SDR based spectrum classification application
OS: Linux Software: C/C++
Bus Stop Informaton Terminal: develop a next generation of info-terminals that are using high-speed networking, cameras and other sensors to customize infromation
OS: Linux Software: C/C++
MF multi-network service demo using laptop or phone with multiple LTE
OS: Linux Software: C/C++
Activity reminder: develop the app to send a reminder during times when the user could add additional physical activity OS: Embedded, Android Software: C/C++, Java
Virtual Reality Desktop: The application to display the windows from operating systems (Linux & Windows) in the 3D world. OS: Windows, Android, Linux Software: C#, Java, C/C++
Phone health/Dieting application: The app that uses camera and combination of active scanning and machine learning and history of eating to recognize the food and provide recommenadtions. OS: Android, Linux Software: Java, C/C++, other
Highway Hypnosis Prevention: Design a system that takes input from OBDII Port to determine when driver is in a distracted/sleep like state OS: Windows/Linux Software: C/C++,Matlab,Arduino
Smart IoT Parking Lot: Use network of cameras and computer vision in order to determine availability of parking spaces across system of parking lots. OS: Windows/Linux Software: C/C++,Matlab
Modeling of residential energy consumption OS: Windows/Linux Software: C/C++,Matlab

2022 Summer Internship Dates

Applications Due: April 3
Notifications: April 15 (postponed to April 19 due to holidays)
Internship Starts: May 31
Internship Ends: Aug 5

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