Summer Internship

2013 Research Projects

Project Description Prerequisites
RF Monitoring Develop a distributed spectrum sensing application on various programmable platforms that are available in ORBIT. Perform spectrum sensing, RF monitoring and spectrum coordination experiments Software: C/C++, Ruby
OS: Linux
Seattle Building a smartphone sensing application for Seattle Sensors on the iPhone Software: iOS development, Seattle
Hardware: iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
Web Data Analyzer Design and implement a system that automatically analyzes web pages with given criteria

Software: HTML, Python, PHP or Ruby.
OS: Linux

MobilityFirst Vehicular and ad-hoc network evaluation using global name resolution and MobilityFirst routing Software: C/C++, Java
OS: Linux
Research Platform Development Design and implement a system for gathering data from human participants in a laboratory settings.

Software: Python, Java. OS: Linux, Android, iPhone

IOT in a Box

Building a ” Internet of Things” educational platform.

Software: Python, Java, Ruby
OS: Web based
Robotic Mobility Implementation of ORBIT related mobility support based on ARDrone, iRobot Create or other platfroms and/or Robot Operating System (ROS). Software: Linux, C/C++, XML, Java
OS: Linux, Android
Soil Sensor

Design and development of an inexpensive sensor that can measure the moisture level of the soil

Software: C
OS: Embedded system

MobilityFirst Novel mobile applications using MF protocol capabilities Software: Java
OS: Android
User Interface Development Developing a graphical user interfaces for a novel mobile apps

Software: Java 
OS: Android

Smart Home Smart home application using RFIDs and other sensors Software: C/C++, Java, Python
OS: Linux, Windows, Embedded systems
Large Scale Data Analysis Analyzing large scale data with R Software: R,
OS: Whichever runs R
Operating System Analyzer Design and developing a system to analyzing how files are accessed by different programs in an operating system.

Software: C/C++, Java, Python
OS: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X

Augmented reality Using heads-up display for augmenting physical envoronment (local context, navigation, etc.) Software: Java 
OS: Web, Android
Seattle Building social applications on top of our peer-to-peer cloud system Seattle Software: Seattle
WiMAX Development of global GENI WiMAX montiroing application Software: Ruby
OS: Linux
Spectrum Sensing

GUI for spectrum sensing database

Software: C/C++, Java, Ruby
OS: Linux
MobilityFirst Integration/evaluation of MF evaluation/demo system on ORBIT and GENI testbeds Software: C/C++, Java
OS: Linux

2022 Summer Internship Dates

Applications Due: April 3
Notifications: April 15 (postponed to April 19 due to holidays)
Internship Starts: May 31
Internship Ends: Aug 5

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