Summer Internship

2015 Research Projects

Project Pre-Requisites
Visualization for EIR Inter-Domain Routing
OS: Linux Software: C++, Javascript
Network Management Tool for GNRS
OS: Linux Software: C/C++
Dual-Homed Mobile Client File Delivery Application
OS: Linux Software: C/C++, Java or Ruby
Content Delivery Applications on MobilityFirst
OS: Android or Linux Software: Java or C/C++
Context-Aware IoT Application on MobilityFirst
OS: Android or Linux Software: Java
Real-Time CPS Application on MobilityFirst
Virtual Reality Application using Context Services
Connected Car Application with GENI WiMAX/LTE
OS: Linux
Mobile Cloud Service using MobilityFirst Virtual Network
OS: Linux Software: C/C++
Physical-world crowdsourcing
OS: Linux Software: C/C++
Security and privacy of mobile phones
OS: Linux Software: C/C++
Password Security
OS: Linux Software: C/C++
Novel Authentication Systems
Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Programming Skills
Autonomous Vehicle Control
OS: Arduino/Linux/Android

2022 Summer Internship Dates

Applications Due: April 3
Notifications: April 15 (postponed to April 19 due to holidays)
Internship Starts: May 31
Internship Ends: Aug 5

Project Pages

Past Research Topics