Summer Internship

2011 Research Projects

Project Description Prerequisites
Storage-Capable Router On a programmable network platform (NetFPGA), implement a router capable of selectively storing and retrieving data segments to/from local store at line speed. Software: VHDL, Xilinx ISE,C
 Xilinx FPGA
OS: Linux,
3D space modeling and gesture processing Develop a Kinect based 3D space modleing application and intergrate it with gesture processing system. Software: C/C++, Java
 Linux, Windows
Cognitive Radio Integration Integration of CRKIT platfrom into ORBIT environment Software: VHDL, Xilinx ISE,C,Ruby
 Xilinx FPGA
OS: Linux
Mobility on GENI Develop an emulation framework to model mobility of wireless devices across domains on a nationwide testbed. Software: C/C++, Python
OS: Linux
Video Conferencing Develop cloud based video conferencing system with augmented reality and mobile device support Software: C/C++, Ruby/Python/Perl/PHP
OS: Linux, Android
Glider Power Management Develop data logging capability as part of the power management system for the Slocum underwater glider that will be used to support new programming architecture for defining glider missions. Software: Embedded C/Assembler
Hardware: PIC/Atmel Microcontroller
RF Monitoring Develop a distributed spectrum sensing application on various programmable platforms that are available in ORBIT. Perform spectrum sensing, RF monitoring and spectrum coordination experiments Software: C/C++, Python
OS: Linux
Robotic/Virtual Mobility Implementation of ORBIT related mobility support based on iRobot Create platfrom and Robot Operating System (ROS). Software: Linux, C/C++, XML, Java
OS: Linux
Bandwidth Exchange Implamentation of GNU Radio based framework for enhancing the performance of cognitive radio networks Software: C/C++, Python
OS: Linux
Brain Computer Interface Deveop EEG based human-machine interface Software: Linux, C/C++, XML, Java
OS: Linux
Orbit Visualization Visualization software for ORBIT portal. Design network views for users, system administrators and visitors and implement various elements of management and control. Software: Linux, C, Ruby/Python/Perl/PHP
OS: Linux
M2M applications in MobilityFirst Create a web based application that demonstrates a context based M2M application using sensor data collected from independent sensor networks through MobilityFirst architecture Software: HTML, Javascripts, Soap and C++
OS: Windows, Linux
Data Sharing For Personal Mobile Devices Design and implement a data sharing platform so that users can access the data in each others’ mobiles. Software: C/C++, Java
OS: Android
Parknet Design and deploy a service that can display available parking spaces and statistics on Google Maps based on our vehicular parking sensor network.
Software: Linux, C
Portable Platform Virtualization Design and implement virtualization solution for Android platform. Deploy a set of applications that will characterize performance of both network and client virtualization. Software: C, Java
OS: Android

2022 Summer Internship Dates

Applications Due: April 3
Notifications: April 15 (postponed to April 19 due to holidays)
Internship Starts: May 31
Internship Ends: Aug 5

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