Rutgers University
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Wireless System Instructional Design
(16:332:559), Spring 2004



Narayan Mandayam can be reached at

Guest Lecturers: Badri Nath, Max Ott, Dipankar Raychaudhuri, Ivan Seskar


This course will expose graduate students (typically in their second year of study)  in Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) as well as Computer Science (CS) to a design experience that will augment their knowledge base from  existing courses related to wireless communications systems at Rutgers.  This multidisciplinary course is intended to foster understanding and  hands-on design of wireless systems with emphasis on crosslayer issues.  The class structure will revolve around design experiments in an instructional laboratory (funded in part by Intel) that will be augmented by tutorial style lectures on the following topics:

Each student will be expected to participate as a member of a diverse ``interdisciplinary team" in three projects on the following aspects of wireless system design: PHY, MAC, Network and Application Layer Design






SPECIAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Dr. Pravin Bhagwat, Wibhu Technologies


You can find below a collection of lecture notes that have been prepared by the students taking the "Wireless Communications Technology" (16:332:546) course that I have taught in previous years.

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