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Ph.D. Theses


  1. Ching Yao Huang. Radio Resource Management in Power Controlled CDMA Systems. May, 1996. Abstract PS 
  2. Parthasarathy Narasimhan. Quality-of-Service based bandwidth allocation in integrated multiservices wireless networks. May, 1996. Abstract PS 
  3. Mohammad Saquib. Quality of Service for Multi-rate DS/CDMA Systems with Multi-user Detection. January, 1998. Abstract PS 
  4. Sennur Ulukus. Power Control, Multiuser Detection and Interference Avoidance in CDMA Systems. September, 1998. Abstract PS  
  5. Jun Li. Protocol Design and Performance Analysis for handoff Control in Mobile ATM Networks. August, 1999. Abstract PS 
  6. Joan Borràs. Capacity of an Infostation System. January, 2000. Abstract PS 
  7. Aylin Yener. Efficient Access and Interference Management for CDMA Wireless Systems. June, 2000. Abstract PS 
  8. Rajnish Sinha. Noncoherent Multicarrier Communications and Multiuser Detection. October 2003.  Abstract PDF
  9. Lang Lin. Adaptive Transmission in Fading Environments. January 2004. Abstract PDF
  10. Wing-Ho Yuen. Modeling and Analysis of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. June 2004. Abstract PDF

  11. Jianghong Luo. Service Outage Based Adaptive Transmission in Fading Channels, June 2004 Abstract PDF
  12. Ivana Maric. Cooperative Strategies for Wireless Relay Networks, June 2006 Abstract PDF
  13. M. Kemal Karakayali. Network Coordination for Spectrally Efficient Communications in Wireless Networks , January 2007, Abstract PDF


M.S. Theses

  1. Mohammad Saquib. Optimal Call Admission to a Mobile Cellular Network. October, 1994. Abstract PS
  2. Asokan Sethu. A Model for Wireless Multimedia Access Protocols. September, 1995.
  3. Kevin G. Chen. Integrated Dynamic Radio Resource Management of Wireless Communication Systems. May 1996. Abstract PS
  4. Siva Veerepalli. Dual Rate Multiple Access: A Radio link Protocol. October, 1996. Abstract PS
  5. Rajnish Sinha. Spread Spectrum Interference Issues In The 900 MHz ISM Band. January, 1997. Abstract PS
  6. Sorabh Gupta. Soft Dropping Power Control. October, 1997. Abstract PS
  7. Deepa Ramakrishna. Subspace Based Estimation of the Signal to Interference Ratio for CDMA Cellular Systems. October 1997 Abstract PS
  8. Jignesh Panchal. Parallel Simulator of Wireless Networks. October 1998. Abstract PS
  9. Shalinee Kishore. Scheduling Multirate CDMA Users Based on Average Power Consumption. December 1998. Abstract PS
  10. David Pandian. Channel Allocation & Power Control in IS-136. January, 1999. Abstract PS
  11. Ivana Maric. Connection Establishment in the Bluetooth System. October, 2000. Abstract PS
  12. Vikram Kaul. Multi-cell WCDMA Signal Processing Simulation Testbed, January, 2001  Abstract PS (7 MB)  zipped PS file (1.4 MB)
  13. Nanyan Jiang. Wireless Broadcast Services.  June, 2002.  Abstract  PDF 
  14. M. Kemal Karakayali. Resource Allocation in Downlink Wireless Systems. October, 2003 Abstract  PDF
  15. Kinjal Desai. Tournament Arena Simulation for a Wireless Ecosystem in Unlicensed Bands. January 2005 Abstract  PDF
  16. Joydeep Acharya. Two Dimensional Spreading for Doubly Dispersive Channels. May 2005 Abstract  PDF
  17. Umut Akyol. Effects of Physical Layer Models on Wireless Network Simulations. May 2005 Abstract  PDF