Rutgers University
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
M.S. Thesis Abstract

Optimal Call Admission to a Mobile Cellular Network


Mohammad Saquib

    To fulfill the future demand for and increase the reliability of mobile cellular service, we have explored the use of a call admission policy that constitutes a dynamic channel allocation scheme for a cellular system.

    The call admission policy optimizes a weighted blocking criteria for a queueing network model of a mobile cellular system. In this context, the call admission problem is formulated as a Markov decision process (MDP). The value-iteration method has been applied to a uniformized chain of a small cellular system. The effectiveness of call admission policy for maximizing the call completion rate and for reducing handoff blocking of calls in progress is studied. In addition, several symmetry properties of the optimal policies which effectively truncate the size of policy space are mathematically established.


Thesis Director: Professor Roy Yates

October, 1994