Roy D. Yates: Journal Papers

November 21, 2005

[1]   Jianghong Luo, Roy Yates, and Predrag Spasojevic. Service outage based power and rate allocation for parallel fading channels. IEEE Trans. Info Theory, 51(7):2594-2611, 2005. PDF.

[2]   I. Maric and R. Yates. Cooperative multicast for maximum network lifetime. IEEE J. Sel. Areas Commun., 23(1):127 - 135, Jan. 2005. Special issue on wireless ad hoc networks. PDF.

[3]   I. Maric and R. Yates. Cooperative multihop broadcast for wireless networks. IEEE J. Sel. Areas Commun., 22(6):1080 - 1088, Aug. 2004. Special issue on fundamental performance limits of wireless sensor networks. PDF.

[4]   S. Ulukus and R. Yates. User capacity of asynchronous CDMA systems with matched filter receivers and optimum signature sequences. IEEE Trans. Info. Theory, 50(5):903 - 909, May 2004. PDF.

[5]   L. Lin, R. Yates, and P. Spasojevic. Adaptive transmission with discrete code rates and power levels. IEEE Trans. Commun., 51(12):2115 - 2125, Dec. 2003. PDF.

[6]   J. Luo, L. Lin, R. Yates, and P. Spasojević. Service outage based power and rate allocation. IEEE Trans. Info Theory, 49(1):323-330, Jan 2003. PDF.

[7]   R. Sinha, A. Yener, and R. Yates. Noncoherent multiuser communications: Multistage detection and selective filtering. EURASIP Journal on Applied Signal Processing, 12:1415-1426, 2002. PDF.

[8]   M. Saquib and R. Yates. Analysis of a partial decorrelator in a multi-cell DS-CDMA system. IEEE Trans. Commun., 50(12):1895 -1898, Dec. 2002. PDF.

[9]   A. Yener, R. D. Yates, and S. Ulukus. Combined multiuser detection and beamforming for CDMA systems: Filter structures. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 51(5):1087-1095, Sept 2002. PDF.

[10]   C. Rose, S. Ulukus, and R. Yates. Wireless systems and interference avoidance. IEEE Trans. Wireless Commun., 1(3), July 2002. PDF.

[11]   A. Yener, R. Yates, and S. Ulukus. CDMA multiuser detection: A nonlinear programming approach. IEEE Trans. Commun., 50(6):1016-1024, June 2002. PDF.

[12]   A. Yener, R. Yates, and S. Ulukus. Interference management for CDMA systems through power control, multiuser detection, and beamforming. IEEE Trans. Commun., 49(7):1227-1239, July 2001. PDF.

[13]   S. Ulukus and R. Yates. Iterative construction of optimum signature sequence sets in synchronous CDMA systems. IEEE Trans. Info. Theory, 47(5):1989 -1998, July 2001. PDF.

[14]   D. Ramakrishna, N. Mandayam, and R. Yates. Subspace-based SIR estimation for CDMA cellular systems. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 49(5):1732-1742, September 2000. PS.

[15]   O. Kelly, J. Lai, N. Mandayam, J. Panchal, A. Ogielski, and R. Yates. Scalable parallel simulations of wireless networks with WiPPET: Modeling of radio propagation, mobility and protocols. ACM Mobile Networks and Applications, 5(3):199-208, 2000. PS.

[16]   M. Saquib, R. Yates, and A. Ganti. An asynchronous multirate decorrelator. IEEE Trans. Commun., 48(5):739-742, May 2000. PS.

[17]   M. Saquib, R. Yates, and A. Ganti. Power control for an asynchronous multirate decorrelator. IEEE Trans. Commun., 48(5):804-812, May 2000. PS.

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[43]   J. Hui, M. Gursoy, N. Moayeri, and R. Yates. A layered broadband switching architecture with physical or virtual path configurations. IEEE J. Sel. Areas Commun., 9(9):1416-1426, 1991.

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