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Frankly speaking, doing networking research includes a lot of activities of learning, using and even developing software and system tools. So I compile this toolbox for storing lessons and experiences learned in last few years. If it can help at least one disillusioned graduate student to spend less time on a tedious task, this page has served its purpose.

System Develop Environment

Unix: Quick reference for common tasks  Linux Installation and More... Linux Administrator Reference  Subversion and TRAC

Network Research Tools

Network Simulator 2: My Experience OPNet  MATLAB: command tips and some useful routines LINDO and LINGO

Programming Languages

C & C++ Perl Shell Programming Java

Document Processing

Latex Howto Microsoft Office Software Tips Emacs Manual File Format Conversion

Communication Technologies 

A Collection of Serial Communication Standards Understanding IEEE 802.11 MAC/PHY Standard Firewall

Research & Development Work Blog (09/2002-present)  

This is a list of some other works which I have no time to classify and refine.

09/2002-10/2002 Integrating PCMCIA card of GPRS service to Linux
10/2002-11/2002 Logic design for Floating-point Divider with VHDL
10/2002-11/2002 CMOS-level design and circuit analysis with Cadence Software
10/2002-11/2002 GPS Receiver Chip Design Course Project for Advanced VLSI Design
10/2002-12/2002 DSP Routines in MATLAB and C, Project for course: Digital Signals and Filters
11/2002-02/2003 Analysis of Linux driver for Cisco AiroNet 350 wireless card
11/2002-02/2003 Design a Socket-based traffic generation and throughput statistics program
01/2003-01/2003 Project "802.11-": design a low power sensor MAC
03/2003-04/2003 Java Emulation of Communication Network, project for course: Communication Network II
03/2003-03/2003 Architecture design of a hierarchical hybrid ad-hoc network application for hospital for course Communication Network II
03/2003-04/2003 Channel Estimation on OFDM, Project for Course Communication Theory
09/2003-09/2003 Generation of Poisson process in MATLAB, project for course: Stochastic Signals and Systems
10/2003-10/2003 Quantizer Design in MATLAB, Project for course: Stochastic Signals and Systems
11/2003-11/2003 Queuing System Design with MATLAB, Project for Course: Stochastic Signals and Systems
12/2003-04/2004 Set-up a "Small EMULAB" system in Orbit Testbed
12/2003-02/2004 Install FreeBSD OS in computer servers
01/2004-03/2004 Identify the relationship among RSSI, PER and Throughput for 802.11 WLAN
02/2004-03/2004 Wireless LAN Benchmarking with DBS (Distributed benchmarking system)
03/2004-04/2004 Analysis of Proc file system in Linux Driver for Cisco Aironet card
04/2004-04/2004 Using NTP to synchronize a group of computers in Rutgers campus buildings
04/2004-05/2004 Management Interface Design (experiment management, ns emulation, etc) for Orbit Project
04/2004-05/2004 Simulation of IEEE 802.11b in a Multi-path indoor environment with SPW software
06/2004-10/2004 Design of System Backup for ORBIT Servers
07/2004-08/2004 Relocate MACA-P source code from ns-2.19b to ns-2.27 and bug-fix
08/2004-09/2004 Investigate Issues about conducting MAC-related experiments in ORBIT testbed
12/2004-03/2005 Design, implementation and test OTG software for ORBIT testbed, Link to OTG Wiki Documentation
04/2005-05/2005 A small Orbit tutorial and discussion of experiment issues
07/2005-07/2005 Using Ethereal and monitor mode to sniff 802.11 frames
09/2005-10/2005 Investigate the throughput gaps between ns-2 simulation and Orbit testbed results
01/2006-03/2006 Develop a C++ software package to abstract the implementation of communication protocols
06/2005-04/2006 Develop a MATLAB tool package to model and analyze the impact of interference for wireless network
07/2006-08/2006 Redesign and implement MACA-P in ns-2.28
10/2006-10/2006 Prepare a lecture on MAC in Communication Networks I class. (slides) (addendum of CSMA analysis)
12/2005-04/2007 Extend ns-2.28 to support various sophisticated designs for multi-hop wireless networks



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