Students will have the opportunity to complete a project in the course as one of a:

The project enables students to develop increasingly complex cyber-physical systems using wireless links. This can involve (but is not limited to) usage of the USRP Software-defined Radio, Android or iOS wireless devices, PCs with wireless interfaces (ie. wifi, bluetooth), etc.

Project Ideas

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Monitoring and Control

LabVIEW provides bluetooth communication interfaces that open up many possibilities for control and monitoring of bluetooth devices without the development overhead of creating drivers from scratch. Some LabVIEW examples with bluetooth devices include:

Wireless Transmission and Reception using the USRP

The USRP software-defined radio platform enables custom wireless communications with many devices.

Wireless Transceiver Development using the USRP

Develop full/partial wireless transceiver components for a particular protocol using the USRP software-defined radio. Some example protocols include:

Many of the Advanced Sample Projects implement algorithms that are used in a variety of wireless standards and protocols.

Additional ideas using LabVIEW may be found at the NI Academic Projects website.

Introductory Sample Projects

These are projects that have been completed at the undergraduate level.

Advanced Sample Projects

These are projects that are advanced in complexity and have been completed by graduate students.

Other graduate-level projects that have been completed include Time-Division Duplexing (TDD), Trellis-Coded Modulation (TCM), and a Random Access Control Channel