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Cognitive Radio Network - GCP defined architecture

  • Adapt MAC Protocols for wireless ad-hoc network

  • Network Coding


GNUradio (Software-defined Radio)

  • What's GNUradio (Software-defined Radio)

Software Defined Radio (SDR) is the radio system that turns typically hardware components into software embeded in computer system. In other words, the software defines the transmitted waveforms, modulation and demodulation, and even higher layer protocols instead of in hardware. It provides us flexibility to incooperate cross-layer design for wireless network.

GNU Radio is one of an open source software toolkit that is able to build and deploy Software-defined Radios using low-cost RF hardware and general-purposed processor. We can adapt the communicating parameters based on the different purposes or transmission environments on the fly.

We have 9 USRP1 GNUradio nodes and extra 2 USRP2 GNUradio nodes in Orbit main-grid testbed.

  • ORBIT main-grid GNUradio nodes:

    • [1,19], [20,19], [20,2], [1,2], [10,11] : Side A is RFX400 (400~500MHz) and Side B is RFX2400 (2400~2500MHx)

    • [15,5], [5,15]: Side A is FLEX900 (750~1050MHz) and Side B is RFX2400 (2400~2500MHz)

    • [5,5], [15,15]: Side A is RFX2400 (2.4~2.5GHz) and Side B is XCVR2450 (2.4~2.5GHz and 4.9~5.85 GHz Transceiver)

    • [18,3], [3,18] : USRP2 GNUradio node

  • ORBIT sand-box 5 GNUradio nodes:

    • [1,1], [1,2]: Side A has Basic TX (0.1~200MHz) and Basic RX (0.1~300MHz)

  • Current Work

    • ALOHA, CSMA and TDMA MAC protocol implementations (Done!)

    • Mblock (http://gnuradio.org/trac/wiki/MessageBlocks) (Working!)

      • Efficiently design MAC protocols and maintain time scheduling

      • Reduce latency caused by host processing

      • Cooperate with CMU Nychis George

    • Validate GCP-based MAC adaptation algorithm





  • GNUradio software tutorial - 2009/06/09 (PDF)





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