Bluetooth is an emerging wireless technology for low cost, short range, personal area networking.

Tutorial and talks

  • Bluetooth: Technology, Applications and Performance, three day course, UCLA Extension short course, Oct 24-26, 2001. Co-instructor: Prof. Mario Gerla.

Standards activities

  • Bluetooth PAN working group


  • Bluetooth: Technology for Short-Range Wireless Apps. Pravin Bhagwat. IEEE Internet Computing, Vol. 5, No. 3, May-June 2001. Paper.
  • Distributed topology construction of Bluetooth personal area networks. T. Salonidis, P. Bhagwat, L. Tassiulas, R. LaMaire.  To appear in Infocom 2001. Abstract, paper.
  • Arguments for cross-layer optimizations in Bluetooth scatternets. Bhaskaran Raman, Pravin Bhagwat, Srinivasan Seshan. The 2001 Symposium on Applications and the Internet (SAINT 2001), Jan 8-12, 2001. Abstract, paper.
  • Proximity awareness and fast connection establishment in Bluetooth. Theodoros Salonidis, Pravin Bhagwat, Leandros Tassiulas. MobiHOC 2000Extended abstract.
  • On the characterization of Bluetooth scatternet topologies. Pravin Bhagwat, Srinivasa Rao. Submitted for publicaton. Abstract, paper.
  • A routing vector method (RVM)  for routing in Bluetooth scatternets. Pravin Bhagwat, Adrian Segall. The Sixth IEEE International Workshop on Mobile Multimedia Communications (MOMUC'99),  Nov 1999. Abstract, paper.

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