Dola Saha

Adjunct Research Professor
WINLAB, Rutgers University


Email: dola AT winlab DOT rutgers DOT edu

Research Interests

My research is concentrated primarily in the area of MAC layer and the MAC-PHY crosslayer architecture. Specifically, utilizing various physical layer information to empower the MAC and the higher layers to take more acurate decisions about how to manage the wireless channel.

The core area of my research is to bring the PHY layer closer to the MAC. Equipped with a reconfigurable radio node and using modern multicarrier modulation techniques like OFDM we can build innovative protocols that can radically change the way we look at wireless networks. The published list of papers are few examples, where the physical layer can be utilized to provide network information to the MAC at a much faster and reliable manner.

I am also interested in the management of multiple secondary networks in the cognitive radio domain, utilizing the propagation characteristics in different frequency bands.