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Network Simulator 2 for Wireless : My Experience 

[ IntroductionInstallation | Simulation Configuration | MAC | Routing | Physical layer  | Misc.]


Ns-2 is a widely used tool to simulate the behavior of wired and wireless networks. Useful general information can be found at

Official ns-2 website (
An ns-2 Documentation generated by Doxygen is in
Two good tutorials about ns-2.
     Wireless tutorial by Marc Greis
     ns by example
My presentation: ns2 tutorial for wireless simulation  WINLAB, June 2003
My Lecture : Introduction to ns2 ECE 330:543 Class Lecture, Oct. 2007
Another good tutorial of ns-2

Installation & Debug

Install ns-2.27 in Red Hat Linux
Install ns 2.28 in Debian with gcc 4.0 or above
Debug ns-2 with gdb

Simulation Configuration

  1. Basic simulation scripts of wireless scenarios.
  2. Traffic, Topology and Mobility generation in ns-2
  3. Analyze CMU traces (for wireless simulation) and awk code.
  4. Header and Address Handling in ns-2
  5. Understanding OTcl syntax in ns-2

Physical Layer

  1. Demystify TwoRayGround Propagation Model
  2. Introduce Ricean Fading to produce probabilistic Link Error
  3. Why list-based improvements in of ns-2.27 cause problems?

MAC layer

  1. Interfacing MAC
  2. Understand IEEE 802.11 MAC Standard
  3. Analysis of the 802.11 MAC code
  4. Simulation example: Measuring the effects of RTS/CTS on 802.11 link
  5. Practice: Implement Multi-Rate MAC
  6. Discussion of bugs and issues of IEEE802.11 MAC implementation


  1. Analysis of the DSR sourcecode in ns-2.
  2. Analysis of the DSDV in network simulator-2.
  3. How to produce a new Routing Agent with Fixed Routing Table.
  4. Calculate Routing Performance Metric from trace file

Summary of ns-2 bugs for wireless simulation List-based improvement causes "Segmentation Fault". Bug in Defer timer causes "Event UID not valid!". double IP header bug.


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