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Rutgers University:

Stevens Institute of Technology:

Graduate Courses:

  • CPE/EE 556: Computing Principles for Mobile Embedded Systems, Fall 2008 - Present. Course Syllabus.

  • CPE/EE 593: Applied Data Structures and Algorithmsa, Spring 2009. Course Syllabus.

Undergraduate Courses:

Mobile Embedded Systems Course Project Materials:

  • JCreate USB Driver: [Download]

  • Sentilla Software Kit: [Download]

  • Quick Start Manual: [Download]

  • Introduction to JCreate Ports and Pinouts: [Download]

  • Misc. (try this if the usb driver provided above doesn't work approperiately): [Download]

  • Sentilla Mote Gateway Driver (try this if the mote gateway driver is not automatically installed): [Download]

  • Program Examples (it should be included in the Sentilla installation package already): [Download-1] [Download-2]