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Current PhD Students

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Zhou Chen

co-supervised with D. Raychaudhuri

Hajar Mahdavi-Doost  
Mehrnaz Tavan co-supervised with Waheed Bajwa
Jing Zhong  


Former PhD Students


Ching-Yao Huang 1996
Partha Narasimhan 1996
Mohammad Saquib 1998
Sennur Ulukus 1998
Jun Li 1999
Joan Borras 2000
Aylin Yener 2001
Rajnish Sinha 2003
Lang Lin 2004 co-supervised with Predrag Spasojevic
Andy Wing-Ho Yuen 2004
Jianghong Luo 2004 co-supervised with Predrag Spasojevic
Ivana Maric 2006  
Mehmet Kemal Karakayali 2007  
Silvija Kokalj-Filipovic 2008 co-supervised with Predrag Spasojevic
Joydeep Acharya 2009  
Zang Li 2009 co-supervised with Wade Trappe
Chandrasekharan Raman 2010 co-supervised with Narayan Mandayam
Michelle (Jing) Lei 2011 co-supervised with Larry Greenstein
Jignesh Panchal 2011  
Narayanan Krishnan 2013 co-supervised with Narayan Mandayam

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