Kostas N Oikonomou


PhD in Electrical Engineering, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 1982.
Joined Bell Labs in Holmdel NJ in 1982, and spent 1983 and part of 1984 in the Bell Labs Mathematics and Statistics Research Center, Murray Hill. After the AT&T split in 1996 joined AT&T Labs, and was with AT&T Labs Research from 2003 to 2020.

He has worked on probabilistic modelling, analysis, and design of communication networks, dynamic Bayesian models for digital error behavior and prediction, maximum entropy methods for inferring network traffic matrices from limited information and for network capacity design, and  network performability (combined performance and reliability) analysis. He has also worked on formal methods for checking the safety of policies for ONAP-type networks, based on satisfiability modulo theories (SMT)  techniques.

His current work is on applications of AI planning methods to O-RAN-type multi-operator network management for the INDIGO NSF/DoD project.

Dr. Oikonomou is a member of the IEEE.

WINLAB, Rutgers University
671 Rt. 1 South
North Brunswick NJ, 08902

Email: ko56 (at) winlab . rutgers . edu