Marco Gruteser

Peter D. Cherasia Faculty Scholar and Professor


Tech Centre of New Jersey C114
671 Route 1 South
North Brunswick, NJ 08902


Teaching Office: Core 505

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Congratulations to Viet on an Infocom 2016 Best-in-Session Presentation Award.

Our pedestrian safety technology LookUp was featured in the Wall Street Journal.

Released ns3 patches and models for large-scale vehicular network simulations.

I will be co-chairing ACM MobiCom 2016. Please join us in New York.

Congratulations to Cagdas on a UbiComp 2015 Honorable Mention Award. Thanks also to Emiliano Miluzzo and Rich Howard for their help with this work.

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Marco Gruteser is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering as well as Computer Science (by courtesy) at Rutgers University's Wireless Information Network Laboratory (WINLAB). He directs research in mobile computing, is a pioneer in the area of location privacy and recognized for his work on connected vehicles.

Beyond these topics, his more than hundred peer-reviewed articles and patents span a wide range of wireless, mobile systems, and pervasive computing issues. He has served as program co-chair or vice-chair for conferences such as ACM MobiSys, ACM WiSec, IEEE VNC and IEEE Percom. He has delivered nine conference and workshop keynotes, served as panel moderator at ACM MobiCom, and as panelist at ACM MobiSys, IEEE Infocom, and IEEE ICC. He was elected treasurer and member of the executive committee of ACM SIGMOBILE.

He received his MS and PhD degrees from the University of Colorado in 2000 and 2004, respectively, and has held research and visiting positions at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center and Carnegie Mellon University. His recognitions include an NSF CAREER award, a Rutgers Board of Trustees Research Fellowship for Scholarly Excellence, a Rutgers Outstanding Engineering Faculty Award, as well as best paper awards at ACM MobiCom 2012, ACM MobiCom 2011 and ACM MobiSys 2010. His work has been regularly featured in the media, including NPR, the New York Times, Fox News TV, and CNN TV. He is an ACM Distinguished Scientist.

Selected Publications

Distinguishing Users with Capacitive Touch Communication. Tam Vu, Akash Baid, Simon Gao, Marco Gruteser, Richard Howard, Janne Lindqvist, Predrag Spasojevic, Jeffrey Walling, Proceedings of ACM International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (MobiCom) 2012.(pdf) Best Paper Award
[Demo Video] [Interdigital Innovation Challenge Finalist] [MIT Technology Review] []

Detecting Driver Phone Use Levering Car Speakers. Jie Yang, Simon Sidhom, Gayathri Chandrasekharan, Tam Vu, Hongbo Liu, NicCecan, Yingying Chen, Marco Gruteser, Richard Martin, Proceedings of ACM International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (MobiCom) 2011.(pdf) Best Paper Award
[National Public Radio 1] [National Public Radio 2] [Inside Science TV] [The Wall Street Journal] [MIT Technology Review] [CNet News] [Yahoo News] [the Tonight Show with Jay Leno(video)] [Sohu] [Sina] [CSDN]

Security and Privacy Vulnerabilities of In-Car Wireless Networks: A Tire-Pressure Monitoring System Case Study. Ishtiaq Rouf, Rob Miller, Hossen Mustafa, Travis Taylor, Sangho Oh, Wenyuan Xu, Marco Gruteser, Wade Trappe, Ivan Seskar. USENIX Security 2010. [AR: 15%] (pdf)
[Usenix Security Talk] [CNN Transcript] [MIT Technology Review] [Schneier Post] [Tyrepress]

ParkNet: Drive-by Sensing of Road-side Parking Statistics. Suhas Mathur, Tong Jin, Nikhil Kasturirangan, Janani Chandrasekharan, Wenzhi Xue, Marco Gruteser, Wade Trappe. ACM MobiSys 2010. [AR: 20%] (pdf) Best Paper Award
[MIT Technology Review] [CBC] []

Anonymous Usage of Location-Based Services through Spatial and Temporal Cloaking. Marco Gruteser and Dirk Grunwald. MobiSys 2003. [AR 15%] (pdf)

Recent Publications

Minitha Jawahar, Marco Gruteser, Richard Howard. "Kicking Yourself Awake: Towards self-powering mats forroom-level localization and occupancy detection" in Proceedings of the 22nd International Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications, 2021 (pdf)

Mohamed Ibrahim, Ali Rostami, Bo Yu, Hansi Liu, Minitha Jawahar, Viet Nguyen, Marco Gruteser, Fan Bai, and Richard Howard. "Wi-Go: Accurate and Scalable Vehicle Positioning using WiFi Fine Timing Measurement" in Proceedings of the 18th ACM International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services (MobiSys), 2020. (pdf)

Hansi Liu, M.F. Huang, Y. Chen, X. Fan, T. Wang, M. Gruteser. "New Methods for Non-Destructive Underground Fiber Localization using Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing Technology." In Proceedings of the IEEE Opto-Electronics and Communications Conference (OECC), 2020. (pdf)

Marco Gruteser, "Technical Perspective: Lighting the way to visual privacy", Communications of the ACM, 2020. (pdf)

Peter Kairouz, H. Brendan McMahan, ..., Marco Gruteser, ... (and ~50 co-authors), "Advances and Open Problems in Federated Learning", ArXiv preprint, ArXiv:1912.04977, 2019.(pdf)

List of publications

Research Interests


Vehicular Security and Privacy

How can we design reliable mobile and vehicular networked systems without compromising the privacy and security of users?

Visual MIMO

Visual MIMO Networks

This project explores the use of cameras and optical arrays as communication receiver with applications in interference-limited situations and information sharing among mobile phones.


Mobile Sensing and Safety Services

What novel applications can such systems support to improve transportation efficiency and safety?

Dense Vehicular Scenario

Vehicular Protocols and Simulations

How can we ensure robust vehicle-2-X communication performance in very dense networks?

ns3 Patches and New Models


Spring 2016
14:440:127 Introduction to Computers for Engineers

Professional Activities

  • General Co-Chair MobiCom 2016
  • Program Co-Chair MobiSys 2015
  • Selected TPC Service: MobiSys 2009, 2011-2016, MobiCom 2011-2015, Infocom 2011, IPSN 2013, UbiComp 2014, MobiHoc 2014
  • Program Co-Chair Wisec 2013
  • Vice Program Chair PerCom 2013
  • General Co-Chair VANET 2011
  • Associate Editor IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing
  • Associate Editor Elsevier Computer Networks


Ph.D. Students

  1. Baik Hoh: Nokia Research, Palo Alto, CA
  2. Kishore Ramachandran: NEC Labs America, Princeton, NJ
  3. Mesut Ali Ergin: Intel Labs, Hillsboro, OR
  4. Suhas Mathur: AT&T Labs, NY (Marco is not his primary advisor but worked with hime extensively on ParkNet)
  5. Gayathri Chandrasekharan: Verizon Wireless, NJ
  6. Sanjit Kaul: assistant professor at IIIT Delhi, India
  7. Sangho Oh: AT&T Labs, CA
  8. Bin Zan: Broadcom, CA
  9. Tam Vu: assistant professor at University of Colorado at Denver
  10. Ashwin Ashok: postdoc at Carnegie Mellon University
  11. Wenjia Yuan: software engineer at Google
  12. Gorkem Kar: assistant professor at Yeditepe University, Turkey
  13. Shubham Jain: assistant professor at Old Dominion University
  14. Cagdas Karatas: Microsoft
  15. Luyang Liu: Google

MS Students

  1. Janani Chandrasekharan:Network Appliance, Pittsburgh, PA
  2. Amar Patel: Siemens Research, Princeton, NJ
  3. Tashina Charagi: Motorola
  4. Lin Luo: Marvell, CA
  5. Tong Jin: continuing in Ph.D. program
  6. Sangeetha Siddegowda: Qualcomm, CA
  7. Yaqin Tang: Altair Engineering, MI
  8. Minitha Jawahar
  9. Siddharth Rupavatharam
  10. Hairong Wang: Google