Ns-2 Debug

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Enable gdb debugging

./configure --enable-debug
make clean

Note: After you do that, the Makefile is initialized again and loose all your changes to Makefile if your did some.

Possible cause for common errors

  1. Scheduler: Event UID not valid! . This is probably associated with timers. If a timer has been called to start again before it expires...
  2. Segmentation fault. A pointer goes to a wrong place. A pointer is beyond the limits of the array... 0x0 pointer value...
  3. No obvious cause of fault. Program stopped in a place that no obvious  coding errors can be found. Try "make clean + make". Sometimes, if *.h file is changed, the cross-including needs to be re-compiled in.

Refer to another article: http://wmlab.csie.ncu.edu.tw/~youngway/MTdata/archives/000104.html