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Bluez Compilation

    All work is based on linux kernel version 2.4.18 (RH7.3/8.0)
(1) Bluez kernel modules: Stable version is kernel 2.1, with "make update" to update the kernel source. Replace header files under KERNERL_SRC/include/net/bluetooth

Q: New kernel version provides a linux kernel patch, but seems it can not be applied successfully.
A: (update 1/27/03) The bluez new kernel 2.3 can be installed with some error. Just apply the kernel patch by "patch -p0 < linux-kernel-patch-xxx". But for linux kernel version 2.4.18-14, there will be errors, just ignore them. The compile the bluez kernel 2.3, and most modules are successfully generated except "core.o" and "benp.o". While for peer-to-peer mode without scatternet, this error will not affect users. Then make install and you will find out that this baby works like a sound. (Kernel 2.3 is best for lib 2.3 and utils 2.2. )

(2) Bluez PCMCIA driver: use btuart version 0.2, make modules as btuart_cs
        (REMIND: Bluez kernel package can recognize usb bluetooth devices directly. Modules are hci_uart.o, hci_usb.o and system module usb_uhci.o )
NOTES: For Bluetooth devices with USB interface, like Errison BT training Kit, bluez already has full support, by hci_usb.o .  But users must remove the "bluetooth subsystem in linux kernel", which is bluetooth.o:
rm -f /lib/modules/"uname -r"/kernel/net/bluetooth/bluetooth.o
depmod -ae
     Then the BT subsystem is removed. You can also remove it if it already loaded:
modprbe -r bluetooth.o , then the bluez subsystem will work, by modules hci_usb.o and bluez.o.

(3) Bluez lib: new version 2.3 works! This version enhances the lib and tools.

(4) Bluez utils: new versoin 2.2 works! Link quality is enabled, with some more new features.

updated: 02/12/2003

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