Rutgers University
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
M.S. Thesis Abstract

Wireless Broadcast Services



Nanyan Jiang


In a mobile wireless communication network, broadcast signaling can be transmitted to multiple (two or more) receivers simultaneously. We define a coverage measure for broadcast transmission that counts both the data rate achievable by each user and the number of users receiving such data rate successfully under desired QoS requirements. We study a broadcast system with two QoS levels: common information received by all users, and additional information that can be decoded successfully by users with good channels. Broadcast power is allocated between these two subchannels. We examine the broadcast coverage from both an information theoretic perspective, as well as its implementation in a CDMA system. Depending on system constraints, we identify optimal power allocation policies. We show that for cellular CDMA systems, moderate bit rate broadcast video may be practical.

Thesis Director: Professor Roy Yates

June, 2002