Rutgers University
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
M.S. Thesis Abstract

Scheduling Multirate CDMA Users Based on Average Power Consumption


Shalinee Kishore

    Recent research efforts have attempted to modify standard multirate CDMA systems to better system performance, mostly in metrics of system capacity. With the availablility of wider bandwidths, most of these modifications attempt to employ the larger bandwidth to orthogonalize users via either frequency or time separation. This research focuses on just such a time-separation technique for a variable-processing-gain multirate CDMA system. The performance of this system is quantified in this thesis in terms of the total average power consumed by all system users. The notion of time frames and slots is adopted and scheduling techniques that assign users transmissions to slots are studied for potential system performance improvement. Three general classes of scheduling techniques is presented. The first assigns users to only one of the available orthogonal channels. The second allows for multiple channel access. And finally a third that utilizes a repeated transmission policy to minimize power consumption.  

Thesis Director: Professors Roy Yates and Christopher Rose

December, 1998