Rutgers University
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
M.S. Thesis Abstract

Integrated Dynamic Radio Resource Management of Wireless Communication Systems


Kevin Gang Chen

The rapid growth in the demand for mobile communications has led the industry into an intense research and development effort directed towards a new generation of cellular systems. One of the important objectives in the development of these systems is increasing the capacity while maintaining the required quality of service. The radio spectrum allocated by regulators is both limited and expensive. Therefore, it is desirable to develop better radio resource allocation schemes that use the spectrum more efficiently than in systems of today. Radio resource management consists of several subtasks, including base station assignment, dynamic channel allocation (DCA), transmitter power control, new call admission control and handoff management. While prior research mostly focused on one or two subtasks, this thesis studies Integrated Dynamic Radio Resource Management (IDRRM) algorithms which combine all the subtasks.

A simulation environment (MADRAS V3) with mobile users has been developed for both one and two dimensional systems. It includes both a Manhattan-like road grid structure for the two dimensional case and a highway structure for the one dimensional case, with corresponding mobility, teletraffic and propagation models. Using this simulation environment, we evaluate a collection of IDRRM algorithms in terms of statistics such as call blocking, call dropping, average handoff distance, average handoffs per call and average transmitted power. We find that interactions among the components of an IDRRM algorithm can be significant and must be considered in the design of a complete system.

Thesis Director: Professor Roy Yates

May, 1996