Script Patch for SUMO

Detected Bug

There are several type of mobile entities in SUMO simulator. person (other than vehicle) is one of those types which is usually being used as pedestrian entity. SUMO users usually convert the fcd output format (the standard SUMO log format) to something readable by ns2/ns3, OMNet++, etc. is a python script provided by SUMO package to convert the fcd output to one of these standard output formats. But, There is a bug which prevent the logs belong to person entities to be converted to the target format

The presented patch with following code includes the logs belong to person entities into the target output format.

 if q.person:
   for p in q.person:
     if not in chosen:
	   chosen[] = random.random() < options.penetration
	 if chosen[]:
	   x, y = disturb_gps(float(p.x), float(p.y), options.blur)
	   if p.z:
	      z = p.z
	      z = 0
	   if not options.boundary or (x >= xmin and x <= xmax and y >= ymin and y <= ymax):
	      e.vehicle.append(FCDVehicleEntry(, x, y, z, p.speed, "", "", 0.0))

Update: The code has been already integrated into the SUMO repository starting from September 2015