Jing    Lei




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" Nature uses only the longest threads to weave her patterns, so each small piece of her fabric reveals   the organization of the entire tapestry. "


- Richard Feynman



About Me

I am a PhD candidate  in Wireless Information Network Laboratory (WINLAB) at ECE Department, Rutgers University. My advisors are  Prof. Roy Yates and Prof. Larry Greenstein. My major research interests are algorithms and implementations involved in PHY/MAC design for wireless/wired communication systems.

I am now on the job markets, looking for full-time positions in research labs and IT industry. To reach me, please


A Glance at My Research Experiences

So far, I have twenty-five papers published in leading IEEE journals and conferences (as first author) ; four US patents pending (as principle investigator) and one Best Paper award. I am the co-recipient of NSF's Schwarzkopf  Prize for Technological Innovation and the recipient of JSPS Fellowship for "Young and Talented Researchers." To name a few, I have worked on the following projects:

(1)   Green Communications -- Design of Energy-Aware Transmission Policy for Rechargeable Networks;

(2)   PHY/MAC Design for Multi-Gigabits WPAN/WLAN Operating at 60 GHz;

(3)  LDPC Coded Modulation for Second-Generation Digital Video Broadcasting Systems;

(4)  Large-Scale Link SNR Matrix Mapping and Calibration for Indoor Testbed.

(5)  LDPC Code Design for Fading Broadcast Channels;

(6)  Distributed and Collaborative Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Networks;

(7)  Time/Frequency Synchronization and Channel Estimation for CDMA/OFDM Systems;