Next-Gen MCPTT

Next Generation Mission-Critical Communications Capabilities for First Responders

Next-Gen MCPTT is a project led by Prof. K. K. Ramakrishnan (University of California, Riverside) and Dr. Jiachen Chen (WINLAB, Rutgers University), which aims at improving the mission-critical communications capabilities for first responders. It participated in the NIST PSCR Tech-to-protect Challenge.

Our project was awarded overall #1 and best in class (Contest 2) in the in-person contest at the New York competition in Nov. 2019. We then received the "Superior" award in the nationwide contest. NIST PSCR awarded us a seed round award at the same time as the nationwide online contest in May 2020. We were subsequently selected as one of the top awardees for the progress round in Nov. 2020, based on the improvements to our application in the last phase.

In this project, we try to address 4 issues with existing Mission-Critical Push-to-talk (MCPTT) systems:

To address these issues, we consolidate the existing Mission Critical Open Platform (MCOP) with our enhancements:

Please see our tech-demos for detailed explanation for each enhancement.

Introductory Video

This video was presented in Tech-to-protect online contest (May 1, 2020)

Video for D2D Extension

This video was presented in Tech-to-protect progress-round contest (November 2, 2020)