I am an Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and a member of WINLAB at Rutgers University. My research interests are at the intersection of human-computer interaction, mobile computing, and security engineering. I am particularly interested in privacy, social computing, context-aware communications, and (un)distracted driving. There is always room for exceptional students in my group. If you are interested, send a note about what have you done beyond classwork: janne@winlab.rutgers.edu.

Elastic Pathing: Your Speed is Enough to Track You appeared in UbiComp'14! See also the Elastic Pathing Project Website for source code, traces and more! We received the Best Paper Nominee Award (4% of papers).

Engineering Gesture-Based Authentication Systems appeared in a special issue of IEEE Pervasive Computing January-March 2015 edition! You can also read the no frills version on arXiv.

Text Entry Method Affects Password Security appeared in LASER, proceedings version finally available from USENIX. Two papers accepted to WPES: General Area or Approximate Location? How People Understand Location Permissions and Private Browsing: an Inquiry on Usability and Privacy Protection.

Our work on User-Generated Free-Form Gestures for Authentication: Security and Memorability appeared in MobiSys'14! Uncovering Facebook Side Channels and User Attitudes appeared in W2SP'14. Two papers from our group in USEC'14: A Field Study of Run-Time Location Access Disclosures on Android Smartphones and Should I Protect You? Understanding Developers’ Behavior to Privacy-Preserving APIs. The Motivations and Experiences of the On-Demand Mobile Workforce appeared in CSCW'14! We also had papers appearing in UbiComp'12 and MobiCom'12 (best paper award), see details below! The works have also been featured in MIT Technology Review, New York Times, Tech Republic and other venues.

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