To a sponsoring organization, WINLAB offers significant leveraging of its R&D investment in the form of access to a larger shared pool of research, including major government-funded programs. It also allows access to a critical mass of technical expertise in the wireless area, contact with graduating MS and PhD students, and use of WINLAB laboratories, tools and software. Companies working with WINLAB gain early access to results from major government projects on important research topics such as spectrum management, cognitive radio and next-generation wireless network protocols. In many cases, WINLAB will collaborate with industrial partners to pursue funding for strategic projects that would be difficult for a university or corporate research lab to carry out on its own.

Other benefits include:

  • Direct access to all core research activities carried out within WINLAB. This includes early distribution of research results in the form of Technical Reports, semi-annual research review meetings, and access to available experimental design documents and data. ·
  • Intellectual Property Rights to inventions derived from research programs funded by the general sponsor pool.
  • Source and object code licenses for evaluation/research use of WINLAB software (simulation models, protocol software, analysis tools, etc.) ·
  • Scheduled access to WINLAB laboratory facilities upon request. ·
  • Access to WINLAB undergraduate and graduate students, including opportunities for supporting MS/PhD thesis research, internships at sponsor companies, and direct recruitment. WINLAB will make a best effort to work with each sponsor company to assign to one graduate student a specific research topic of mutual interest to the student and the sponsor company, subject to academic requirements and resource constraints. ·
  • Opportunities for R&D collaboration via mechanisms such as the Visiting Scholar program, the sponsored Post-Doctoral program, and participation in optional Focus Projects, which may require additional funding. ·
  • Voting membership on the WINLAB Industrial Advisory Board (IAB). ·
  • Site visits for research reviews and technical consultation with WINLAB faculty.
  • Access to external WINLAB seminars and tutorials, with priority registration and discounted fees for external WINLAB workshops, which are usually held every 18 months.

WINLAB's industrial sponsorship program offers two levels of membership: