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WINLAB's primary research and administrative operations are located at the Rutgers Technology Center II, at 671 US Route One, just south of the Cook Campus. Faculty advising offices and a satellite administrative office are also located on the 5th Floor of the CORE building in Busch Campus near the Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science departments. Total floor space at these two locations is approximately 18,000 sq-ft including about 7000 sq-ft of laboratories, including:

  • Radio Technology Laboratory (Tech Center C119)
  • Mobile Networking & Protocols Laboratory (CoRE 529)
  • Sensor Device Laboratory (CoRE 548)
  • ORBIT Wireless Network Testbed (C116, C117))

The ORBIT testbed is one of the world's largest wireless network testbeds with ~400 open access radio nodes which can be used for
realistic protocol experimentation over a variety of network architectures and topologies. Additional information about ORBIT can be
found at


WINLAB has a core faculty/staff of ~25, consisting of academic faculty from the ECE and CS departments, WINLAB research faculty, engineering staff and administrative staff. Faculty/staff expertise covers all major wireless/mobile technology areas including RF devices, modems, MAC, radio resource management, network architecture & protocols and mobile computing.

In addition to core faculty/staff, WINLAB has a visiting and adjunct research faculty program which provides the center with access to the expertise of New Jersey's outstanding pool of wireless/mobile researchers in critical technology areas. Adjunct faculty expertise currently covers radio propagation, CDMA systems, cognitive radio hardware, wireless network protocols, content networking, etc.


WINLAB typically has a pool of ~40-50 graduate and undergraduate students. Most students work on projects that lead to their MS or PhD thesis in either the ECE or CS departments at Rutgers.




ORBIT Indoor Testbed

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