DECEMBER 11, 2009

WINLAB Open House and Poster/Demo Session
WINLAB Route 1 Tech Center

Distinguished Speaker Seminar on “The Future of Wireless Technology”
The Hyatt Regency - New Brunswick

Welcoming Remarks

Thomas Farris
Dean, Rutgers School of Engineering


Wireless R & D and WINLAB, 1989-2009

Dipankar Raychaudhuri
Director, WINLAB

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David Goodman

Everything Old is New Again

David Goodman
Professor Emeritus, NYU Poly and Founding WINLAB Director

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The APP and the PHY in
Wireless Networks

H. Vincent Poor
Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Princeton University

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The Next Wave in Wireless Technology Challenges and Solutions

Andrea Goldsmith
Professor, Stanford University

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Owning the Problem in Wireless Research: Case Studies in White Space Networking and 60 Ghz

Victor Bahl
Manager, Networking Research, Microsoft

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The Future of Wireless: Reaching the Unreachable and Adaptive Wireless Networks

Henning Schulzrinne
Professor, Columbia University

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Evolution Towards the Ubiquitous World

Kazuo Imai
President and CEO,



Panel Discussion


Celebration Reception and Dinner Hyatt Regency New Brunswick

Dinner Speeches: Chirstopher Rose (Video), Thomas Farris (Video), Yicheng Lu (Video), Stephen Wilkus (Video), Richard Frenkiel (Video Text)