The Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) meets once or two times a year at WINLAB. It monitors operations, policies, and programs. Composed of representatives of WINLAB Sponsors, the Board is the channel for communicating the ideas, goals, and requirements of the Sponsors to the WINLAB management and staff. The Board’s membership and responsibilities are designed to achieve these ends.

Each Sponsor organization nominates one voting board member. While each Sponsor has one vote on the Board, Sponsors customarily send additional non-voting observers to participate in Advisory Board discussions. The Board member is the principal contact between WINLAB and a Sponsor organization. The Board member is responsible for disseminating WINLAB information such as Technical Reports and program announcements within a Sponsor organization. The Board member also conveys information from relevant Sponsor personnel to WINLAB. Industrial Advisory Board responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing and evaluating current and proposed research projects,
  • Suggesting new research directions,
  • Advising the Director on laboratory policies,
  • Recommending new projects and programs.