Future Wireless Cities Workshop

Organized by
the NSF "Looking Beyond the Internet" Planning Group

Internet2 Building
1150 18th Street, Washington, DC


February 2-3, 2016

Program and Presentation Slides
List of
Workshop Report

White Papers


Fan Bai   General Motors Heterogeneous Vehicular Communication Systems in Smart Cities
Joseph Cavallaro   Rice University Infrastructure for the Personal Cloud
Yingying Chen   Stevens Institute of Technology Smart City Surveillance Running on Vehicles
Kaushik Chowdhury   Northeastern University Smart Campus to Smart City: 5G SDN-based Networking for Enhanced Urban Living
Siobhan Clarke   Trinity College - Dublin Trinity Future Wireless Cities
Kapil Dandekar   Drexel University A Vision for Future Wireless Cities: Augmented- and Virtual Reality-based Workforce Development Tools for Low Income Philadelphia Residents
Aaron Deacon   KC Digital Drive Future Wireless Cities White Paper
Rudra Dutta   North Carolina State University Performability of Virtualized Wireless Network of Things
Mario Gerla   UCLA Secure Data Collection and Exchange in the Smart City
Nada Golmie   NIST Future Wireless Cities White Paper
Abhimanyu Gosain   Raytheon BBN Technologies Future Wireless Cities White Paper
Marco Gruteser   Rutgers University - WINLAB Sensor-Assisted Vehicular Networks in Future Wireless Cities
Roch Guerin   Washington University in St. Louis The Network is (Unfortunately) Not Yet the Computer
Dijiang Huang   Arizona State University Mobile SDN: Urban Transportation with Vehicular Cloud
Florence Hudson   Internet2 Enabling a System of Systems with End-to-End Trust and Security for Future Wireless Cities
Kyle Jamieson   Princeton University Wi-Fi Goes to Town
Dan Kilper   University of Arizona Programmable Optical Systems in Future Wireless Cities
Zoran Kostic   Columbia University Future Cities - Wireless Services for Applications Beyond Communications
Bhaskar Krishnamachari   University of Southern California Wireless Networks to Enable Pervasive Sensing and Control in Smart Cities
Marco Levorato   University of California - Irvine Cognitive Multi-Scale Networking and Processing for Smart Cities with Edge Computing
Kaikai Liu   San Jose State University Software-Defined Edge Cloud for Smart City
Max Ott   NICTA - Australia Future Wireless Cities White Paper
Bruce Patterson   City of Ammon Future Wireless Cities White Paper
Jon Peha   Carnegie Mellon University Vehicular Networks in Smart Cities
K.K. Ramakrishnan   University of California - Riverside Rethinking Cellular Architecture and Protocols for IoT Communication
Glenn Ricart   US Ignite/University of Utah Future Wireless Cities White Paper
Tom Rondeau   University of Pennsylvania Future Wireless Cities White Paper
Mina Sartipi   University of Tennessee - Chattanooga Chattanooga, TN a Future Wireless GigCity
Michael Schirling   City of Burlington, VT Future Wireless Cities White Paper
Henning Schulzrinne   Columbia University From Stovepipes to Eco Systems: Making Wireless Cities Programmable
Hulya Seferoglu   University of Illinois at Chicago Device-to-Device Networking for Future Wireless Cities
Srinivasan Seshan   Carnegie Mellon University Infrastructure for Securing IoT
Prashant Shenoy   University of Massachusetts - Amherst Rethinking the Cloud Architecture for a Mobile Edge Cloud
Aaron Striegel   University of Notre Dame Future Wireless Cities White Paper
Jacobus Van der Merwe   University of Utah Practical Deployment Strategy for a Citywide Cellular Testbed
Tam Vu   University of Colorado - Denver Supporting Wireless Connected Cities by Empowering Edge Networks
Kuang-Ching Wang   Clemson University A New Perspective on Wireless Network Architecture for Mobility and Internet of Things
Yunsheng Wang   Kettering University Vehicular Network Communication and the Wireless City of the Future
Xin Wang   SUNY - Stony Brook Software Small Cell for Coverage and Services in Future Wireless Cities
Kamin Whitehouse   University of Virginia The Federated Data Furnace (FDF) - A Platform for Scalable Urban Computing
Jie Wu   Temple University Future Wireless Cities White Paper
Yufeng Xin   University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill When Inter-RAN meets Cloud: Distributed Intelligence for Mobile Offloading
Ellen Zegura   Georgia Institute of Technology The New Clouds on the Block
Hongwei Zhang   Wayne State University Programmable Wireless Networks for Smart Cities
Lixia Zhang   UCLA Enabling New Applications via Opportunistic Peer-to-Peer Wireless Communications
Yanyong Zhang   Rutgers University - WINLAB Seemless Clouds for Real-Time Distributed Edge Applications