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Software Project for ECE 544 Spring 2018

Projects Objective & Approach

The software project of this class provides a unique chance to practice writing basic communication protocols and test your protocol in a real environment. Final project is posted. Check below.

Software Framework

Routers and applications are implemented on top of the Click Modular Router. Click provides a perfect environment to learn modularity, network coding and design. Widely used in a number of research and commercial products, it gives the students an opportunity to experience network design and coding. To stimulate independent thinking, an abstract framework has been provided in order to allow the students to define new network protocols and easily implement and test them.

arch picture


1. Basic C++ knowledge/skill

2. Basic familiarity with Linux OS and basic commands.

Project 1:

Project 1 Part A

Project 1 Part B

Project 2:

Project 2 Part A

Project 2 Part B

Project 3: Protocol Project - Instruction Slides


Protocol Proposal Slide Template


Proposal Specification Format