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Port Member List

This is the complete list of members for Port, including all inherited members.

closePort()Port [inline]
decodeSockAddress(Address *addr, struct sockaddr_in *address)Port [protected]
dstSockAddress_Port [protected]
getRemoteAddr()Port [inline]
getSock()Port [inline, protected]
init()=0Port [pure virtual]
itsaddr_Port [protected]
myaddr_Port [protected]
mySockAddress_Port [protected]
setAddress(Address *addr)Port
setHostname(const char *hostname)Port [inline, protected]
setPort(const short port)Port [inline, protected]
setRemoteAddress(Address *daddr)Port
setRemoteHostname(const char *hostname)Port [inline, protected]
setRemotePort(const short port)Port [inline, protected]
setSockAddress(Address *addr, struct sockaddr_in *address)Port [protected]
sockfd_Port [protected]
~Port()Port [inline, virtual]

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