16:332:544: Communication Networks II (Spring 2018)

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Note: Lecture slides will be posted on this page as we proceed in the course.

Lecture 1:  Introductory architecture and protocol concepts - Slides

Homework Scan for Ch 1


Lecture 2: Link layer protocols and medium access control

Supplementary 802.11 slides


Homework Scan for Ch 2


Lecture 3: Switched Networks (Ethernet and ATM) - Slides


Lecture 4:  IP Basics and Routing Algorithms - Slides


Lecture 5:  IP Advanced, BGP and IPv6 - Slides


Lecture 6: IP Mcast and Mid-Term Review - Slides


Homework solutions Chapters 1-4


Sample network design problem for mid-term


Lecture 7:  Network Hardware and Software - Slides



























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