NSF Wireless/Mobile Planning Group Workshop

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Session III

Future Internet Architecture & Protocols and Integration of Wireless/Mobile/Sensor Networks

  1. Waveform Agility and the Next-Generation Internet (Ram Ramanathan)
  2. Mobile IP and Ad-Hoc Networking in the Internet (David Johnson)
  3. Protocol Layering in the Brave New World (Nitin Vaidya)
  4. Networking in the Small - Lessons for the Internet-at-large (Shalini Periyalwar)
  5. Network X-ities for Wireless Networking (Jim Kurose)
  6. Self-Managing Wireless Networks (Victor Bahl)
  7. Architectural Implications of Multi-Dimensional Scalability in Wireless Networks (Peter Steenkiste)
  8. Architectural Considerations for Location-Aware Networking (Marco Gruteser)
  9. Learning Wireless Networks (Ramesh Rao)

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