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Aug 2,3 2005

WINLAB Tech Center II,
North Brunswick, NJ

Tuesday Aug 2 (Day 1):

8:30-10:00 Session I:Future Internet Vision, Workshop Scope & Objectives

  1. Welcome and introductions (D. Raychaudhuri & Mario Gerla)
  2. Future Internet Architecture and Protocols - An Overview (Dave Clark)
  3. Project Background and Guidance from NSF (Guru Parulkar and Joe Evans)
  4. WMPG vision and scope/objectives of workshop (D. Raychaudhuri)
  5. Instructions for workshop participants (Mario Gerla & D. Raychaudhuri)

Coffee Break

10:15-12:15 Session II: Wireless/Mobile/Sensor Network Requirements

Session Coordinator: Mario Gerla

  1. Wireless Sensor Networks for Environmental Monitoring – a Driver for Adaptive and Programmable Network and Distributed System Services (Deborah Estrin)
  2. Mobile/Wireless Networking Scenarios/Requirements (Mario Gerla)
  3. Thoughts on Requirements Placed on the Network by Mobile Platforms (Kevin Kahn)
  4. Scaling Wireless Networks (Srinivas Seshan)
  5. Near-Field Networks (Badri Nath)
  6. Security Challenges Facing the Future Wireless World (Wade Trappe)
  7. Interfacing Embedded Sensor Networks to the Internet (Phil Levis)
  8. Discussion time

Lunch Break (at Tech Center; optional ORBIT Lab tour)

1:15-3:15 Session III : FutureInternet Architecture & Protocols and Integration of Wireless/Mobile/Sensor Networks

Session Coordinator: Ram Ramanathan

  1. Waveform Agility and the Next-Generation Internet (Ram Ramanathan)
  2. Mobile IP and Ad-Hoc Networking in the Internet (David Johnson)
  3. Protocol Layering in the Brave New World (Nitin Vaidya)
  4. Networking in the Small – Lessons for the Internet-at-large (Shalini Periyalwar)
  5. Network X-ities for Wireless Networking (Jim Kurose)
  6. Self-Managing Wireless Networks (Victor Bahl)
  7. Architectural Implications of Multi-Dimensional Scalability in Wireless Networks (Peter Steenkiste)
  8. Architectural Considerations for Location-Aware Networking ( Marco Gruteser)
  9. Learning Wireless Networks (Ramesh Rao)
  10. Discussion time

3:30-6:00 Session IV : Emerging Technologies and Experimental Infrastructure Concepts

Session Coordinator: D. Raychaudhuri

  1. Barriers for Disruptive Network Innovation - Greater for Wireless or Wired? Emulab/Netbed Experience (Jay Lepreau)
  2. What is Wireless Overlay? (Dirk Grunwald)
  3. Cognitive/Programmable Radios (Gary Minden)
  4. SIP/SIMPLE as an overlay protocol for the Internet (Arup Acharya)
  5. Technologies for Converged Networks of the Future - SoftRouter and Base Station Router as Building Blocks for Future Systems (Krishan Sabnani)
  6. The WHYNET Testbed (Rajive Bagrodia)
  7. ORBIT Testbed Experience & Experimental Platforms for Future Networks (Max Ott)
  8. Sensor Network Infrastructure: Re-created to Rarefied (John Heidemann)
  9. Large-scale Edge Services: 1 million lines of code, 1 million devices, 1 week (Anthony Joseph)
  10. Discussion time

6:30-9:00 Workshop Dinner Rutgers Busch Campus Dining Hall

Dinner will include a moderated discussion of themes emerging from the day's sessions

Wednesday Aug 3 (Day 2):

8:30-9:15 Plenary Talk : A Strategy for Continually Reinventing the Internet (Larry Peterson)

9:15-10:45 Session V : Breakout sessions on:

  1. Wireless/Mobile/Sensor Network Requirements (coordinator: Mario Gerla)
  2. Internet Architecture & Protocols (coordinator: Ram Ramanathan)
  3. Emerging Technologies and Experimental Infrastructure (coordinator: D. Raychaudhuri)

Each session will return to the plenary group with a set of recommendations

Coffee Break

11:00-12:15 Session VI : Plenary session to discuss breakout group recommendations

The objective is to reach agreement on an overall set of technical, research scope and experimental infrastructure recommendations (coordinators: Mario Gerla and D. Raychaudhuri)

Lunch Break (at Tech Center)

1:15-2:45 Session VII :

Drafting of interim report to NSF - structure, main recommendations, abstracts of each section

3:00-6:00 Session VIII :

Writing session by smaller group of volunteers resulting in first draft of report

Adjourn at 6PM


Instructions for Workshop Participants

Directions to WINLAB Tech Center II facility

Directions to Workshop Dinner on Aug 2


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